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Ground Zero Software was started in March of 1993 by Jeff Hester. Soon after starting the company, the development of Bedlam (a black and white shoot'em up arcade game for the Macintosh) began. Bedlam would be the first game released by Ground Zero Software.

In September of 1996, Ground Zero Software incorporated. Our goal was to provide the highest quality applications for the Macintosh. We expanded that goal to include developing top quality applications for Windows based computers as well. We develop software ourselves while also seeking to serve as the publisher for others' high quality software.

In addition to making games and applications for the Macintosh and Windows platforms we formed a separate division, Ground Zero Hosting, to focus on providing the very best web hosting and web development services. We provide top quality servers, extremely fast network connections, and unbeatable reliability, all at very competitive prices. Our unmatched customer service experience in software development and publishing flows directly into our web hosting services division.

Currently, our software division is primarily entertainment-oriented, featuring our latest arcade game, Temple Tantrum. We will be the publisher for Frozen Squid Ice Hockey, a game being developed by Ben Chess, and Pop the Wheezil, a game being developed by Justin Van Eaton. We are currently developing Temple Tantrum for Mac OS X and for Windows.

Why the name Ground Zero?
Due to the events of September 11, 2001 we feel we should provide an answer to a question or two that has arisen. It was an unimaginable and terrible act of terrorism that inflicted our country on that day. Soon afterwards the site of the devastation in New York City began being referred to as "ground zero" by the media. Some have wondered if because of this we intend to change our company name. The answer to that is "no". We were interviewed by USA Today and as we told them, we believe the terriorists robbed our country in unmeasureable magnitude by their cowardly deeds. However, we do not intend to let them steal our name by what they have done.

We chose the name "Ground Zero" in 1993 because we were starting our company with very little, from the ground floor, so to speak. More importantly, the goal of our company was and has always been to make a large, positive impact in the business world by providing the very best products and services that could be offered by anyone. Hence we chose the name "Ground Zero". Our mission has not changed, nor do we intend to change the name of our company.

Thank you for stopping by. If we can serve you in any way please contact us. We look forward to serving you.

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