Thank you for registering my games.

Time has come to close my company, Ground Zero Software, Inc. Game registrations have reached a point where it is no longer possible to continue paying the extra fees associated with having an established company, including bank charges, licenses, incorpation fees, etc. Additionally, God has blessed me with three young children since the release of my last game, Temple Tantrum. I don't have the time to devote to developing new games as my priorities in life have changed.

I am still accepting shareware payments if you desire to show that kindness to me. It would sure help in funding college funds. You can determine what you think the game(s) are worth to you.

For registering my games you may use the following:

Bedlam 2
Name: Any that you choose
Serial: 777
Code number: 7777777

Temple Tantrum
Name: Any that you choose
Serial: 777
Code number: 777717777

While I plan to keep the website up indefinitely that is not the case with the company PO Box. Payment in the form of a check or money order should be sent directly to me at:

Jeff Hester
20960 Yarbrough Rd
Athens, AL 35613

You may also send payment to me via Paypal. Unfortunately, I am no longer able to take direct credit card payments due to monthly fees required to provide this service. My Paypal address is jhester "at" I also still have several new Temple Tantrum t-shirts available. For all the shareware payments sent to me for at least $10 I will send you a free shirt. Please include the size you need (S, M, L, XL.)

Your support is appreciated. I've really enjoyed the 14+ years I've spent owning and operating Ground Zero Software, Inc and wish you all the best in whatever endevours come your way.

God bless.

-- Jeff