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Below you'll find a list of several different sites. Some are Mac related and others are not. We'll be updating this page sporatically and only as time permits because most of our time is spent on software development and providing web hosting services. If you have a link you'd like to see listed please contact us.

We highly recommend the links available at SiteLink, a very useful resource for Mac users that contains a well organized list of useful links.

Have fun.

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Ground Zero Software, Inc. associated links

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Most of the graphics on our website were made by Jeff Hester, who is also the main programmer for the company. Jeff has a personal page. Check it out!

The very talented David Rehner wrote all of the cool music in Bedlam 2. Bedlam 2 wouldn't be the game it is if it weren't for his great contributions. Please check out his page.

David Johnston, an artist, painter, printmaker, sculptor, and good friend created the cool graphic scenes found in Bedlam 2. David generates stunning computer graphics and is one of our graphics specialist. You'll also find his great work in Frozen Squid Ice Hockey (developer stopped work on this title) and Temple Tantrum. Please check out his site, Visual Multiplicity, to see examples of his work.

Tom Burns, "Graphics Master", developed graphics for the game Pop the Wheezil™, as well as created our professional company logos. We highly recommend Tom not only because of his great abilities but because he's very much a professional in all that he does, and is a true friend. You'll find his site here.

Other favorite links

Steve's Watercolors - This guy is amazing. He paints watercolor paintings of houses, churches, or most any building. We've used him and were impressed with his ability. Please check out his site (just one of the many sites hosted by Ground Zero Hosting.)

Hatchet Creek - Do you enjoy canoeing? This large creek in Alabama is a great one to take a trip on. This site contains a lot of great information and stories related to Hatchet Creek.

The Interactive Bible - A very useful and informative website. Got a Bible question? Get a Bible answer!

Bible Guide and Bible Study Guide - Two very useful sites to use in your bible study.

Teaching Truth - These Christians are devoted to teaching only the truth. As God's word is truth you'll find only that here, and not false doctrines of men found everywhere else around the world.

Auburn University - The great University located in Auburn, Alabama from which Jeff Hester graduated. WAR EAGLE!

Auburn University

WAR EAGLE- Get a taste of that Au bu rn Sp ir it !! It's good stuff!

Macintosh games

Inside Mac Games
Mac Gamer
Mac Games
Mac Game Database
Macintosh related links

Apple's MacOS Software and Hardware Guide - This lists the hottest software and hardware products available for the MacOS today. It includes thousands of products that are available in retail stores, product catalogs, online, and directly from the publisher. Shareware and freeware are also included.

The Info-Mac HyperArchive - If you need a Mac file search the HyperArchive. It's got a ton of Mac software.

MacCentral - MacCentral contains daily news, reviews, software updates, tips and tricks, industry information, and more, all in a very nice format.

MacDirectory - MacDirectory is one of the premiere Macintosh resource guides featured on the web.

MacInTouch - Make sure you're in touch with daily Mac news. Ric does an excellent job in keeping everyone up to date.

MacSurfer - One of the sites we look at everyday to see a collection of most important news of the day.

Mad Man's Dream - Check out the situation at NASA JSC and what one guy finally decided to do about it.

Macintosh related links- Magazines


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