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Are you a shareware author with a high-quality Mac product? If you are we ask you to consider letting us publish and market your game (or application) for you. This will allow you to concentrate on developing your product and provide us with the opportunity to use our experience to get visibility and sales for your product.

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We would love to talk with you more about your product. Below is just some of what we can provide you.

Administrative Support

- Web space and FTP access for your product.
- Hassle free and quick and easy registration for your users.
- Our assistance in bringing high visibility to your product.
- Our experienced personnel who are knowledgeable about shareware distribution.

Graphics, Music, Sound Effects

- We can provide you with some of the most talented artists available. Whether you're looking for graphics, music, or sound effects, we can help.

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If we can be of assistance or if you would like to discuss
our publishing in more detail please contact us for more information.

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