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Trivia Quest! is a HyperCard™ based trivia game. Test your knowledge and that of your friends'. Trivia Quest! supports up to 4 players. TriviaQuest! and HyperHang were two of the first games written by Jeff Hester before establishing Ground Zero Software, Inc.

In Trivia Quest! you travel around a playing board by rolling a die and answering questions [screenshot] from 4 different categories. If you land on a corner position you have a chance to answer the question and receive a quad piece [screenshot]. The object of the game is to capture all four quad pieces. The first person to do this wins the game. Trivia Quest! also includes a utility screen which will let you enter your own questions and answers.

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Hardware Requirements

Software Requirements

Any Macintosh
982 k hard disk space
2,000 k RAM (for HyperCard)
HyperCard 2.1 or greater
Zapf Chancery font in your System
(sizes 14, 18, 24).

Trivia Quest! is now free.

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Download Trivia Quest! (v 1.2.3)

Macbinary (620 k)

Binhexed (856 k)

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