Below you'll find just some of the many comments that we've received from Bedlam 2 registered users. We provide these to encourage those who haven't played Bedlam 2 to give it a try. (Our comments are in red.) We enjoy hearing from you, the end-user, since it helps us in making future games and encourages us to 'keep it up' for the Mac. Of course, if you like Bedlam 2 and enjoy playing it your support is appreciated.

"Bedlam 2 Mini Review: When computer arcade games first came out, I got hooked on Asteroids and Alien Space Invaders. I rarely play computer games any longer but I'm hooked again! Jeff Hester's brand new Bedlam 2 is a terrific rendition of the original Space Invaders, well worth the $15 shareware fee. The graphics and sound are superb. The waves are interesting, entertaining and start out reasonably challenging with the first wave. I've only managed to get to the fourth wave so far--gotta go!" - Bill Fox,

"I downloaded this game to check it out. I spent about 3 hours playing it after that, and couldn't "put it down". It brought back all the memories of the great classic arcade games I grew up with. It's kind of a cross between Space Invaders and Gyrus, but with much better graphics. Very addictive. Highly recommended." -

"Bedlam 2 is one awsome game, it is a great game in the tradition of the great Solarian II, I give it 5 stars, I just started playing it 2 or 3 days ago and am already registering, I will admit, I don't suport very many sharewere games at all, only the best of them, this one realy sets a new standard in shoot'em up games, it even rivals some of the best comercial games (like Peg Leg and Space Way 2000), I can't wait until Bedlam 3, thanks for this great game." Bedlam 3? Who said anything about Bedlam 3?


"Congratulations for a great game."

"Great Game!"

"Very cool, very retro, a TERRIFIC update (all updates should be so improved!) Oh, lest I forget, please tell me EVERY Cheat code don't make me beg!" Cheat codes? Ok, maybe there is a cheat sheet for Bedlam 2. It's sent to every registered user who asks for it.

"Great graphics, and VERY tough."

"Great game (little slow sometimes), but really great, I look forward to seeing any updates or new versions. Kick Butt!!!" Version 1.0.1 was optimized; it's faster than 1.0.

"Great game!"

"Good job!"

"I heard about it on the Inside Mac Games Website. I haven't played it yet but I was so impressed with the startup screen and your readme document (the part about being devoted to the Mac) that I figured it was must be well done and would easily be worth the price. Thanks for all your hard work."

"Cool game! Keep it up for the Mac!"

"Keep up the good work!"

"It seems to run a bit fast on my powermac 8500/120 at work - I can't get through the Pluto 3 on the demo, but it works a bit slower on my 660AV at home, so we do better and my wife loves it! Thanks for working hard on it."

"Nice game, great graphics. Any way to bypass. (?)"

"The game is GREAT. But I don't like the alarming (boring) 2 intro-screens. Keep on supporting the Mac!" Those can be skipped with a keypress or the mouse button. They can be totally skipped if the mouse button is held down after choosing 'Begin Battle'. That's just one of the things listed on the Bedlam 2 cheat sheet.

"Excellent game - I'm addicted! Keep up the good work."

"Love It thanks"

"I love the graphics and sound. I'm very interested in arcade style games. However, I'm not very good at them. I'm still trying to get past level 2 of Pluto. Please send any cheat codes that I can use with Bedlam 2." As a registered user you're entitled to the cheat sheet.

"Great game!"

"P.S. This is one of the only games my wife actually likes.(and she's good at it!)"

"The game is fantastic!"

"I want more mines!!" In the latest version (1.0.1) the special weapons do appear a little more frequent.

"Great - fun, and action packed! Good luck with your company."


"Can't get past Pluto- hate the interface to try game again-SLOW- but really cool game- whole family loves it!" It is slow if you had to watch it every time. Luckily, you can skip it.

"A great game, but sometimes the shots go through the alien ships or the special weapon cubes." That's part of the game's design. As it says on the 'Critical Information' screen, it will destroy *most* things.

"GREAT GAME! Any suggestions on how to speed (or skip) the long intro?" Yes.

"I love this game! Keep it up!"

"Great game!!"


"Good game. Can't wait for more levels on the REAL game."

"The game is lots of fun. A full game, I imagine, must take a LONG time. Why have you not provided a save game command? Even a pause (ok, there is a pause) would be helpful if the phone rings etc... Also, sometimes it really does seem that my shots pass through the ships w/o harming them (esp during power extreme). Thanks for the great game." To finish Bedlam 2 takes about an hour. We didn't include a save command because we were afraid that would take away from Bedlam 2's playability. It's much more gratifying to complete the game from start to finish. Yes, there is a pause (command P or command B). As far as some (very few) shots pssing through the ships, that's part of the game's design. As it says on the 'Critical Information' screen, it will destroy *most* things. It's also part of the prototype ship story line.

"Fun Game!"

"Totally addictive game that has taken over my life. Please continue to create great quality games and software so that those of us who worship our Mac and MacOS can continue to compete in this obnoxious IBM cloned world! Thanks"

"Great game! Wish any special weapons left over in a completed wave could be carried over to the next wave." Others have mentioned this too. We did think about it but didn't put it in because we felt it would make the game too easy. Who wouldn't wait around at the end of a wave to get loaded up with weapons to immediately destroy the next wave? I know I would.

"Great game!"

"Addictive game - please send someone to help with housework I've neglected since downloading Bedlam." Sorry, we don't do housework. Well, except for our own. :-)

"Love the game, gotta have it."

"Cool game! Keep me posted on future developments." Sure will. Registered users will be notified about our future games."

"Oooo Aaah Ooh - This is fun."

"Fun game!"

"It's great fun! How about adding some ship appearance variations, huh?" And we thought the shipped look cool already.

"So far, so good. :-)"

"My kid loves it. I'm hooked too." That's great! It makes our day to know that kids like playing our game. We hope they'll like our next game as well.

"You have satisfied my Galaxia fix."

"Great game! The stereo sound is a particularly nice touch."

"Great game"

"Great job, keep it up!!!"

"The introductory stuff (with the shots of the inside of the ship and the info about the planets) gets tedious. Is there a way to jump straight from hitting 'Begin Battle' to the actual start of the game? Other than that, I enjoy the game a lot." Yes. "Use the mouse, Luke." :-)

"Would be nice to switch back and forth to finder like an application." When the game is paused (command P) the menu bar appears to allow you to do just that.

"Fun and challenging!"

"Great game!"

"Bedlam Cheats!!!" They're on the way.

"My wife and I both love it!!!!" Super cool! Family game.

"Great fun !!!"

"Love the game!! it's great there's no time limit for the score (like pegleg)."

"Bedlam is a cool game, and is one of the best I ever played. It seems to never get boring, and I think that the reason for that is winning the game always seems to make you depend on luck." Luck never hurts.


"I have yet to play the game, but after your impassioned plea to register,(in the read-me file), I thought I would register first."

"Bedlam 2 is fabulous!"

"It's cool!!!"

"Great game"

"A highly frustrating game that's addictive like a potent drug. I love it and hate it (due to unpredictability) at the same time. Those sorry asteroids! :-)"

"Thanks for making reasonably priced games for my grandkids (and me)." Wow! That's great. Parents, children, ... and grandparents.

"Great game! Please make lots more for the MAC. It would be nice to keep special weapons from one level to the next." Yes, but then it would be too easy. :-)

"I think you're onto something here... This game is great, plenty of difficulty, too. It has taken me two months and I still don't reach the second level limit very often. Kudos." We hope so. Thanks for registering. Maybe the cheat sheet will help.


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