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Bedlam 2 Title

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Mankind has been virtually wiped out by an extraterrestrial armada! Only you, piloting the "Annihilator", can help save the solar system from ruthless alien domination. Bedlam 2 is a fast action, arcade-style game with forty-five levels of blistering game play. As you blast away at the invading forces, your ship moves along the bottom of the screen while you try to avoid a barrage of enemy firepower, collisions with attacking ships and the occasional chunk of floating space debris. By racking up points along the way, you earn much-needed extra ships, and can even capture hunks of gold bars released when you've demolished the ships of some of the greedy trespassers. Other fun and nasty surprises materialize during your long mission to free our galaxy from this evil infestation.

Your first encounter with the alien aggressors begins near the outer-reaches of the solar system at the ninth planet, Pluto. If successful, you move inwards to Neptune and each planet thereafter, until you've kicked all alien butt completely out of our galaxy! Some of the cool sound effects in the game help you keep track of your weapon status and any helpful or dangerous objects that approach your territory. These include special weapon 'containers' that are periodically released for you to try and shoot open to free and then capture the extra-powerful ammo you need to pulverize your attackers. There is detailed and interesting information about each planet as you arrive at its defense, which helps illuminate our section of the universe for those who have a hard time keeping track of just how many planets are orbiting the sun. :-)

Bedlam 2 utilizes the latest Quicktime technology for stereo MIDI music and has full color 3D rendered images as well as many exciting and nerve-wracking features that will challenge your senses and give your mouse finger a workout. As you progress beyond each level, obliterating the swarm of adversaries becomes succeedingly more difficult. The aliens are supplied with additional hazardous and unpredictable weaponry the nearer you advance to Mercury. Asteroids, score 'multipliers' and other exciting objects sometimes appear to help or hinder you on your quest. Each planet concludes by a battle to the death with the seemingly invincible alien mothership. Do you have what it takes to save humanity?

The latest version of Bedlam 2™ is version 1.1.1 (released May 5, 2004) and it contains the following improvements:

- Improved ship controllability and ship firing
- Added temporary shields when ship appears
- Added ability to skip some of the game's transition screens

Bedlam 2™ version 1.1 was released onApril 26, 2004 and it contained the following improvements:

- Ported to Carbon (Mac OS X and Mac OS 8.6-9.x using CarbonLib).
- 16 bit graphics
- Improved sound effects
- Improved game play (full screen, additional ship capabilities, ...)
- Improved Level Four music (thanks Greg Conway, of Temple Tantrum fame.)

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User Comments

"- an addictive game - much better than the original. Keep up the good work!!!" - L. Krause

"This game is great." - S. Parsons

"Bedlam is an awesome game!" - J. James

"Very nicely put together! Well worth the shareware fee." - T. Chartrand

"I'm a 51-year old grandmother and I love this game!" - C. Prudholm

"Bedlam 2 is good... but Temple Tantrum is a CLASSIC... as a matter of fact I VERY MUCH appreciate the OS X version and not having to run it in Classic. Thanks for your Mac support, and providing great entertainment at a reasonable price!" - J. Cates

Here are just a few of the other comments we've received concerning Bedlam 2.

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Bedlam 2 v1.1.1 (Mac OS 9.1-Mac OS X 10.3) System Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Software Requirements

- G3 based Mac (minimum)
- A monitor supporting thousands of colors (16 bit)
- 10 MB RAM
- 11 MB free hard drive space


- Mac OS X or Mac OS 8.6 - 9.x (with CarbonLib)

Bedlam 2 v1.0.6 (Mac OS 8.1-9.x) System Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Software Requirements

Macintosh (PPC recommended,
fast 68040 acceptable)

7.2 MB hard disk space
6.3 MB RAM

System 7.x (7.5 or greater recommended)

(for the cool background music).

Bedlam 2 is $15 shareware. Please don't forget to come back and register.
Your support is greatly appreciated.

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Bedlam 2 Awards and Other Items of Interest

The official Bedlam 2 press release.

Check out the cool Bedlam 2 t-shirts we had printed (currently out of stock)!

We held a Bedlam 2 world-wide 'Best of the Best' contest (this was before Mac OS X. Should we have another contest?) The contest is over but the results are still listed. How does your score today compare?

Mac PicksBedlam 2 won the Mac Picks Award called "Mac Picks Recommended Software" [June, 1999]

Bedlam 2 scored a 4 out of 5 from Orbiter Productions GameView.

Bedlam 2 received 5 Picks! (five picks) from FileMine 
logo. It also ranked as a Jewel and Most Popular file.

The Macintosh Info Center did a review of Bedlam 2.

The Game Guys at My Mac Magazine had a pretty detailed review of Bedlam 2 in their August 97 issue. It's available in My Mac's archives.

Bedlam 2 received a 4 out of 5 mice rating from MacDownload (ZDNet).

MacNow Magazine had a review of Bedlam 2 on its web page (July issue).

MacOS Rumors Award Bedlam 2 received the Mac OS Rumors Shareware of the Week award.

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