World Wide

Rank Name               From                    Date      Planet & Wave    Score
  1  Anthony Gross         London, UK                  	6/04/98       Finished        1,970,650
  2  Randy Hemminghaus     New York, NY  USA            5/31/98       Finished        1,865,600
  3  Ciara Ennis           London, UK                   6/04/98       Finished        1,545,375
  4  Rebecca Dillman       Solana Beach, CA             5/29/98       Finished        1,506,875
  5  Nicky Joseph          Prague, Czech Republic       5/25/98       Finished        1,453,700
  6  Asaka Shingo          Tokyo, Japan                 3/09/98       Finished        1,419,425
  7  Ben Farrow            Penhallow, Corwall UK        3/15/98       Finished        1,258,850
  8  Michel Boudol         Paris, France                5/30/98       Finished        1,134,850
  9  Mary Ann Collins      Twinsburg, OH                4/02/98       Finished        1,121,400
 10  Karen Deegan          Pembroke Pines, FL  USA      4/06/98       Finished        1,107,250
 11  David Hopkins         Pembroke Pines, FL  USA      4/05/98       Finished        1,097,075
 12  Matt Dalton           Berkeley, CA  USA            2/23/98       Mercury 5       1,079,275
 13  Steven D. Barger      Pittsburgh, PA  USA          2/03/98       Finished        1,065,250
 14  Charlene Joseph       Prague, Czech Republic       4/26/98       Mercury 5       1,036,575
 15  Victoria Farrow       Penhallow, Corwall UK        3/07/98       Finished        1,017,275
 16  Bob Goulder           Amherst, NH, USA             5/10/98       Finished          976,675
 17  Javier Alvarez        San Francisco, CA  USA       2/17/98       Finished          967,800
 18  Rennolds Ostrom       San Clemente, CA  USA        2/11/98       Finished          963,750
 19  Hiltonius             Farmingdale, NY  USA         3/29/98       Mercury 5         958,625
 20  C. Lee Jones          Kansas City, MO  USA         2/23/98       Finished          931,700
 21  Noriko Nishimura      Tokyo, Japan                 5/12/98       Finished          915,675
 22  Eileen F. Usovicz     Kansas City, MO  USA         2/23/98       Mercury 5         891,475
 23  Motokazu Aono         Nagoya, Japan                2/02/98       Finished          875,325
 24  Drew Wooton           Hattiesburg, MS USA          2/07/98       Finished          866,025
 25  Vannis E. Jones       Kansas City, MO  USA         2/24/98       Mercury 5         833,050

Extras since some of the names above were from a single registration.

26 Bengt Lovén Upplands Vasby, Sweden 3/07/98 Finished 826,125 27 Michael Noga Alberta, Canada 1/02/98 Finished 799,300 28 Cecile Calabrese Neilton, WA USA 2/22/98 Finished 791,025 29 Ryouichi Ikegami Minamiuwa, Ehime, Japan 1/23/98 Finished 774,550 30 Erik Todoroff Jackson, MI USA 2/16/98 Earth 4 766,150 31 Charlotte Collins Acworth, GA USA 2/19/98 Finished 763,425 32 Enzo Aspero Torino, Italy 9/19/97 Finished 740,350
The highest Bedlam 2 score reported was from David Johnston (Huntsville, AL) with a score of 2,380,525 on 5/25/98. Due to his work with Ground Zero Software on Bedlam 2 his score wasn't part of the official top 25 scores. We had put together a Bedlam 2 strategy page and intended to list the strategies of the top 5 players to assist others in obtaining higher scores.

The Bedlam 2 scoring contest is now closed.

Above is the list of players from around the world who held a top 25 score for Bedlam 2 at the end of the year-long contest, on June 4, 1998. We held this contest to see who could obtain the highest scores in Bedlam 2.

This was not a high score contest, per se. We tracked these scores to monitor how everyone's score compared with other players from around the world. Instead of rewarding large value prizes to the best 3 players (which is what a typical high score contest might consist of) we had a different kind of Bedlam 2 "giveaway".

On June 4, 1998, Ground Zero Software conducted a random drawing to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the release of Bedlam 2, our first major Macintosh title. The drawing randomly picked a first, second, and third place winner from our list of [paying] Bedlam 2 registered users to win $125, $100, and $75, respectively. Out of (only) 385 registered users on Bedlam 2's one year anniversary the winners were:

1st - Serial #480, Monique Neubourg (Paris, France)
2nd - Serial #431, Richard Hunt (Bowling Green, KY)
3rd - Serial #234, P. Lotsch-Morriss (Millbrook, NY)

This method was chosen to give everyone an equal opportunity of winning, regardless of Bedlam 2 game-playing skills. It was another way for us to say "thanks" to those who support Ground Zero Software by registering Bedlam 2 and, most importantly, to thank those who support Macintosh shareware in general. When the contest closed, the registered users with a top 25 score received a cool Bedlam 2 t-shirt for participating in the high score challenge. Note: it didn't include all of the names listed in the top 25 since some of the names above were from the same registration. You'll notice where we had to expand the list for a few spaces. Verification of each player's score was required when the contest ended.

The contest was void where prohibited.

The latest version of Bedlam 2 is 1.0.6.

Bedlam 2 page

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