Wisker the Wheezil is ready to have some balloon fun with you. Pop the Wheezil™ is a new fun and exciting game for one or two players.

Temple Tantrum

Temple Tantrum™ is a fun and addictive arcade type exploration game. Your task is simple, or is it. You must ultimately retrieve the Phoenix Eye. This game, with over 100 levels, is sure to entertain all ages.

The aliens have returned. Once again, you are mankind's only hope. In Bedlam 2 you must defeat each group of invaders at each planet. The game has exciting and nerve-wracking features that will challenge your senses and give your mouse finger a workout.

Frozen Squid

Frozen Squid Ice Hockey™ is an ice hockey game that was being developed for the Macintosh. It featured stand-alone solo play as well as multiplayer tournament play over the internet. Developer unfortunately quit the project.

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